This is your starting point!

No matter your past or current physical state is, now is the time to focus on the future of your health. Captain Timbo's Fitness will help you find your path to fitness and wellness, but best of all, it’s free!

Save your money

Health and wellness should not cost you subscription fees, membership fees, equipment costs, or any other cost associated with bringing you to a healthy physical and mental state, except for the minimal investment of two dumbbells. You can start with 2 1/2 lb. dumbbells, I use 25 lbs. and personally, I do not aspire to go beyond that, so little cost.

Other than dumbbells, you will need:

• About six square feet of floor space

• Minimal lighting

• Your favorite music track

• Total and Absolute privacy

Once you are in position, it is time to sync your mind to the music, and the rhythm to your movements. We detail all the moves in the video, in the "Rhythm & Moves" section. Our program focuses on the areas most critical to Baby Boomers and Boaters:

• Balance, balance & balance

• Core strength

• Hand strength

• Leg strength

Once you grasp the simple moves, YOU will incorporate them into your personal workout.

Each exercise, or medley of moves, should continue for the duration of the song. You will always alternate weights, and non-weight moves after each song. Each move should be "fluid" to the tempo and can be executed with variable speeds, depending on whether you are conducting a simple move, or advancing to a more compound type of move (more of your body parts in action), also, intense focus the inflection of the movement.

After each workout, whether it be 15 minutes, or two hours long, you will feel the results immediately, and over time you will see the results as well.

So, set time aside every day to turn on the tunes, and engage in some great moves, and become a healthy, active member of our Crew.

All the best!

Captain Timbo

Captain Timbo’s Sunrise & Sunset Galleries

Captain Timbo has spent 12 years and over 18,000 photos of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets surrounding Florida, He is able to capture the movement and beauty of the moment.

All pictures are available to order on a professionally manufactured canvas wrap mounting, ready to hang on your wall for enjoyment, for years to come.

All canvas prints are signed and numbered 1-50

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